For what we preach is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake. (2 Corinthians 4:5)

It’s not about me. Nor is it about you.

It doesn’t matter what our strengths or weaknesses are, the ministry of the new covenant will carry on through our lives in spite of them. In this case, our strengths only serve to get in the way.
In the old covenant, we thought of our natural strengths as assets to the ministry. We brought all the best we had to the table and expected God to appreciate it and incorporate it into our ministry. We thought our best plus God equaled a winning formula. But this couldn’t be anything further from the truth.
Our best + God = Disaster.
Our best is our worst enemy. Our best only gets in the way of God. In the new covenant, our natural strengths only mess things up. Incorporating our strengths doesn’t make the ministry any better. In fact, learning the new covenant is all about unlearning what we have relied on most of our lives up until now, and this is what makes our natural strengths so dangerous. They keep us from discovering and using the power of the Spirit of God in our lives.
As long as we think we can rely, as we always have, on our strengths, we will be rendering the new covenant ineffective. God is not interested is partnering with our assets. He wants to take over.
My first mentor in the new covenant realized, and rightfully so, that he was going to have to wean me from my assets if I was going to discover the power of the Spirit in my life. In those early days, it was all about me. With my assets piled up, God and I were pretty hot stuff. Problem was, my assets and my craftiness were what I relied on and hid behind. My “problem solving” talent was like a veil for me, hiding all my insecurities and inadequacies. As long as I had assets stacked up, the Spirit of God was not in control.
But in the new covenant, our insecurities and inadequacies are not something to cover up; they are our pathways to power.
Our weaknesses are not anything we have to be concerned about, as if we had to work on them in order to overcome them. Actually, we will find our weaknesses as our greatest asset to the new covenant ministry. They unlock the power of God in us.
Our worst + God = Success.
This struggle is never over. I mention the asset thing because it’s easy to see how it got in the way. But losing one veil doesn’t mean we can’t put up another one. Learning to stop relying on one strength doesn’t mean we don’t pick up another and not even notice.

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